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    AGM Separator

    AGM Separator,made from glass microfiber with diameter of 0.4-3um by wet laid process,is one kind of environmental protection material.lt is white,innocuity,tastelessness and specially used in Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries(VRLA Batteries).

    AGM Separator with its advantages on uniform thickness,high porosity,quick acid absorption,good tensile strength and highly compression and recovery can maintain good electrolyte levels in batteries.What's more,it is highly resistant to battery acid,oxidation and heat,and can maintainits shape and strength after prolonged exposure to sever environment conditions and prevent the active materials from falling off,so it achieves the function to make the batteries maintenance free and extend batteries service life.

    According to the requirement of our customers,our institute has developed a series of AGM Separator depending on different application,like starting up batteries,storage batteries,deep cyclebatteries.Also,AGM Separator,specializing for start-stop batteries, is available with high quality.


    UPS(uninterruptible power supply),power station,communication, post and telecommunications,electric power,emergency light,fire alarming system,automobiles,motorcycles,diesel locomotives,electric vehicles, etc.

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